Beginners Guitar Guide

Attention Guitarists: Are you struggling to improve your playing?

Discover How To Supercharge Your Playing With Some Simple Tricks You Never Knew Existed!

Amaze your friends at how quickly your playing improves, and start breaking through those barriers that have held you back all this time…

Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Beginner Guitar Guide

Do you ever become frustrated at your lack of progress no matter how hard you practice, and just can’t understand why?Are you beginning to think that you’re just not cut out for the guitar?

Don’t give up, my friend; I know exactly how you feel.

My name is Simon Guilliard, and I want to show you that there’s a solution to your struggles that is so simple, yet powerfully effective! The most amazing thing is that nobody seems to know about it!

Like you, I used to feel the exact same frustration! That was until I managed to sneak my way back-stage into the green room of an after-gig party I attended, but more on that later…

How it used to be

Back when I first started learning to play, it was tough. Some days I would think I had got that new chord down, and then the next day I’d mess it up again! I would watch some of my friends getting better and better and they’d come and impress everyone with some new song that they’d learned, but I wasn’t getting anywhere!

Practicing didn’t seem to make any difference, and I seemed to get worse almost as much as I’d get better. I was going nowhere!

Fast-forward 20 years, and it’s a completely different story, and all because of what I learned in the green room.

The masterstroke

What I was shown in that green room were some techniques that not only blew me away at their simplicity, but also stuck a thunderbolt up my playing like I couldn’t believe! The crazy thing is that to this day I have still yet to hear or see any of these techniques anywhere.

What I learned that day, I have only shown to a few students since, but they too have seen massive leaps forward in their playing ability, after hitting a brick wall, just like I did.

Students who seemed to be learning slower than ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, suddenly found their chord changes were quick and smooth, scales and improvisation became easier, and all from some stupidly simple tricks!

The lid is off

Now it’s time to let you get your hands on these very same simple techniques to supercharge your own playing, and get you out of that rut!

These techniques tap straight into the brain’s learning ability, taking advantage of powerful learning processes such as ‘patterning’ and ‘muscle memory’, delivering the most powerful boost to your playing you have experienced.

In your copy of ‘Beginners Guitar Guide’ I get straight to the point with detailed photographs and video links, that make mastering this stuff easy as pie, allowing you to get straight down to improving your guitar playing.

I’ve cut out all the fluff, and deliver in one hit, what might take you weeks with a guitar teacher. If you’re already having lessons, your teacher will be amazed at your progress, and you will finally start improving in leaps and bounds.

You’ll learn:

  • The quickest way to master chords all over the neck
  • How to make even the most difficult chords a doddle to play smoothly
  • The fastest way to build strength in your fingers
  • Play your scales at lightning speed

Many guitarists have spent weeks getting this information, spending upwards of $150!

Most have told me personally that they would have bitten my arm off to get this information for $97.

Personally, I want to get this into the hands of as many players as possible, and I know that many of you just don’t have that kind of money spare right now, so I thought that $77 would be a good price point. After all, you would have to spend OVER TWICE that much to have a guitar tutor show you this.

But, in the end, I figured, let’s just push this out for as little as possible and actually sell it at a price where it really does become a no-brainer. But even as low as $57 it still didn't quite cut it!

In the end, to get this into the hands of as many new guitarists as possible, I decided to drop the price all the way down to
just a measly $47 $17!!

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