About GuitarBrit

Simon Gee

A self taught guitarist, Simon, now 39, has been playing since the age of fourteen after a friend played him 'Eruption' by Van Halen; he was inspired to pick up what he believes is the most versatile instrument on the planet.

Before being even able to play chords, his knack at being able to play the tapping section of Ed Van Halen's instrumental solo, 'Eruption', got him into his first band. Unfortunately, it didn't last longer than halfway through the first rehearsal where the complete lack of ability to play anything else promptly got him kicked out of the band again.

But that small taste of being in a band and playing with other musicians, gave him enough drive to bury himself in everything guitar! After a couple of years of blood sweat and tears, learning from records and any other guitarist that he could watch or steal tricks from, Simon began his music career in his first band; this time without getting kicked right back out again.

Since then, Simon has continued his semi-professional music career with a procession of rock and metal bands, most notably as one of the founders of the stoner-rock band 'Domes of Silence' and subsequently with 'Dream Disease'.

Throughout his career, Simon's focus has been on playing live, and never forgetting the struggles he went through in trying to learn guitar.

Overcoming the struggles and discouragement is what inspires Simon to teach others and inspire other to pursue music with the guitar, so that others can also enjoy the truly magical experience that comes with being able to play any musical instrument. Simon likens it to being able to 'hear in colour' with all music taking on a new life as a result of learning to play music. Having the opportunity to play a musical instrument is something that Simon believes everyone should be able to enjoy and is on a quest to remove as many of the barriers and obstacles as he can for everyone.